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June 20, 2007

The News is Shit

We all know the news is shit. If you don't know it's shit, you're full of shit. The media around the world, but especially in America, feeds pile after pile of steaming manure down our throats and we sit there taking it as if it's delicious chocolate.

So who's at fault? These damn network executives and producers. Of course... wait, NO, it's our fault. Guess what, we live in a nation with a capitalist economy in which businesses don't do something just for the sake of doing it. They do it to please their shareholders by earning as much profits as possible. They get these profits through advertisements that are worth more the higher the ratings. Which means, the more you watch, they more they make. The more they make, the more they think what they're putting out is what you want.

The more you watch stories about Paris Hilton or Anna Nicole Smith's baby, the more you perpetuate the sloth and idiocy of the "news". We have Americans and Iraqis dying in Iraq everyday. The Bush Administration is pushing for a new war against Iran. Gross criminal acts are taking place in every branch of the government, why the fuck do we care if a spoiled slutty brat is put up in jail for a few weeks.

I hear people say they hate Fox News and Bill O'Reilly, but watch it just to see how bad it is. Are you fucking kidding me?! You're just making the man more money! Why would you ever do that if you don't like him or his network. Admittedly, I too am part of this problem and have done this on multiple occasions. But unlike me, most don't see a problem with this.

Samuel Clemens once said the problem with newspapers is that people mistake their content for news. Think about that the next time you open a newspaper or turn on CNN and how much you and your fellow man have influence on their content.


Moonlight writer said...

I do agree with the crap that has been "news" lately. Also, you can't seem to find anything positive anymore. We watch ourselves spiraling down into oblivion, and just watch, taking no action, revolting against nothing. Are we all controlled now? Our brains numbed to all the stupidity out there? I think so.

Steve Ritter said...

If you've ever seen the movie Idiocracy, it seems America is moving closer and closer to the future that it depicts. I sit there observing it and trying to help correct it, but most of my efforts are in vain. We are numbed to the stupidity out there because most of the time it seems like it's all inevitable. All we can hope to do is point out the water and hope the horse drinks it. My only fear is that even now all that water is tainted.

miche said...

I totally agree with you. Here's what recently happened when a "news" man tried to talk about real issues.

Steve Ritter said...

Cafferty is one of the few people of TV news I still respect, and yet they give him so little time on air.