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February 15, 2007

1/2 Hour News Hour?


This is the question I ask whenever I think of Fox News' new "comedy" show 1/2 Hour News Hour. Why would you create something like this? Why would someone watch something like this? Why would someone fund this show?

The show is supposed to be a show that is a conservative parallel to Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Unfortunately, what Fox doesn't realize, is that they are supposed to be a news network. I know, I know, they really are just a extremely conservative facade that just pretends to tell the news (not that CNN or MSNBC are much better at reporting news). But The Daily Show just makes fun of the news and other absurdities in the world. They aren't inheriently liberal, the fact of the matter is Republicans just tend to make bigger asses of themselves than Deomcrats (but not by much). If you actually watch Jon Stewart, you know that he makes fun of Deomcrats a lot, especially back when Clinton was president.

The problem with 1/2 Hour News Hour, other than its pourly contrived name, is that it is just not funny. If the preview (video below) of the show is as bad as it will be when it airs, it will not last long (I would hope).

Basically the preview shows an overly rehearssed faux news script that has either a really annoying audience laughing at every little thing or an overused laugh-track. In either case, they focus on Obama and come up with really stupid jokes about Marion Barry supporting him and Obama's "new" magazine, BO, filled with ariticles who's titles I think were supposed to induce laughter (since the "audience" was laughing so hard), but really just made me cringe. I'm suprised they didn't tell the joke about why the chicken crossed the road so that Obama could fry him up on the other side.

The "jokes" feel so forced and poorly written that I don't know how they even got the funding to make the first few episodes. Then again, they did fund the publishing of O.J. Simpon's If I Did It, so who knows what they're smoking over there. In any case, the show is bad and should be pulled from the air sooner than most of Fox's new shows.

The show is supposed to air Februray 18th, but I could not find any offical announcement to this point or an actual airtime.


Jonathan Moore said...

I am a South Park conservative and watched the video clips on YouTube. I thought they were hilarious and looked much like stuff I watch on

Jon Fowler said...

Maybe I missed something about the 1/2 Hour News Hour, but it just was not funny to me. My assumption in writing this piece on the show is just based off of that clip though and not an entire episode. I remember The Daily Show having some really bad writing and lame jokes in its beginning (mostly before Stewart was host), so it may prove to a worthy show, but I don't think its an equal because it seems to be only playing one side of the fence.

I agree with you that is usually pretty good stuff, but I wouldn't equate its writing to the horrible writing in the promo clip.