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February 16, 2007

The Compton Effect

The Compton Effect is an observation in physics in which energy and momentum is transfered between two electrons when they collide. This is evidence towards the idea that light is made of photon particles. The Compton Effect is also an album being produced by independent hip-hop artist Greydon Square.

In his own words, Greydon Square is "an artist that promotes rationality and freethinking reality through hip-hop." This is a unique form of hip-hop that is not seen in the mainstream music industry. He is an aggressive atheist that strikes against the foundation of theists' beliefs.

I am not a big fan of hip-hop, I'm more of a rock aficionado, but his lyrics are engaging and very intelligent and I can't help but enjoy his music. With a mediocre mainstream music scene at best in America, independent artists, such as Greydon, are a nice change of pace. Not since 2Pac have I seen a hip-hop artist who equates to this level of quality lyrics.

Best of luck to Greydon on finishing his album, which is due out June 6, 2007. You can find more about Greydon Square and The Compton Effect at


Greydon said...

Thank you so very much for your support. Greydon

Jon Fowler said...

No problem. Keep up the good work.